Roxburgh. Rethinking technical, commercial and reputational risk. We combine pioneering and niche techniques to help clients around the globe think beyond the ordinary.

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“You don’t often have the opportunity in business to build something unique from a standing start that fundamentally changes market perceptions.”

Rodney Eccleston, Roxburgh Director and former Managing Director North of England P&I Club

We work with some of the best and most accomplished minds in the industry. Innovation is our differentiator.






Working discreetly in all global jurisdictions on behalf of major law firms, insurers and asset owners.

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Roxburgh Forensics

Our specialist resources include senior intelligence, military and law enforcement officers focusing on:

  • Counter-fraud – identifying and securing assets in support of legal disputes and determinations leading to early settlement
  • Proving corporate structures, beneficial ownership, assets and bank accounts
  • Confidential due diligence relating to EU/UN sanctions
  • Utilising specialist techniques for gathering and utilising information, intelligence and evidence in difficult jurisdictions – Russia, China, Africa, Middle East and Indonesia.

We provide intelligence and subsequent evidence to meet the criminal burden of proof — beyond all reasonable doubt.


24hr Global Emergency Response: +44 1434 63 24 62

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Roxburgh Response

Bulk ore cargo behaviour is a dynamic and complex set of variables which forces stakeholders to make difficult decisions when balancing safety with commercial risk.

Roxburgh provides a holistic technical assessment of a cargo and provides an exclusive insurance package to replace owners existing cover. Assureds can include vessel owners, cargo owners, charterers, mortgagees and other interested parties as required.

We do not rely on a sliding scale of risk — it’s a simple sail or not sail assessment. We have a 100% track record of safely delivering cargo, crew and vessel to the discharge port.


24hr Global Emergency Response: +44 1434 63 24 62

United Kingdom:
7 Stagshaw Road,
NE45 5PE